OTOFIX BT1 Car Battery Tester w/ Printer 6V/12V/24V 100-3000 CCA Load Analyzer With BMS Reset and OBDII Full System Diagnostic


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BT1 Car Battery Tester

OTOFIX BT1 is a touchscreen Battery & Electrical System analyzer that applies Adaptive Conductance, an advanced battery analysis method that produces a more accurate examination of the battery’s cold cranking ability and reserve capacity, vital to determining a battery’s true health.

The BT1 car battery tester can display a quick health status of the existing battery, register a new battery and perform advanced battery and electrical system diagnostics. The BT608’s VINscan function enables quick identification of the vehicle and battery specifications. Read/Clear codes on all available vehicles systems. Print or share customized reports via Wi-Fi or print test reports via the built-in thermal printer.

BT1 Key Features:

  • Support in-vehicle and out-of-vehicle testing of passenger vehicle batteries
  • Test 6- and 12-volt batteries: 100 - 3000 CCA
  • Test 12- and 24-volt cranking/charging systems
  • Test Flooded, AGM, AGM Spiral, EFB and GEL batteries
  • Compatible with CCA, CA, SAE, EN, IEC, DIN, JIS and MCA
  • Battery load tester, car cranking, and charging system analysis
  • New battery registration to ECU
  • Quick display of battery specifications through battery barcode scan, Auto and manual VIN entry
  • Illustration instruction guides for battery positioning and testing
  • Print test reports via built-in thermal printer
  • Read and erase codes of all available systems


A Professional Accurate Car Battery Tester and Electrical System analyzer

  1. Accurate Diagnostics

BT1 battery load tester applies an advanced Adaptive Conductance test technology provides more accurate test results of the battery’s cold-cranking ability and reserve capacity

  • Reduce Battery Misdiagnosis and retest
  • Diagnose low-capacity batteries
  • Reduce the need to charge and retest
  1. Battery Registration/ BMS Reset

BT1 battery load tester enables technicians to do battery registration (after battery replacement), BMS reset, Electric appliance reset, Special function and Battery usage history.

  • All-in-one 53 systems battery registration and diagnostics, reduce the investment
  • One-touch battery registration and step-by-step procedures about Electrical System reset
  1. Smart System Detection

OTOFIX BT1 smart battery analyzer can automatically identify battery parameters and displays vehicle-specific battery locations by VIN

  • AutoVIN: Support AutoVIN and Scan VIN to Identify Battery Parameters, no need to manually select
  • Guided Battery Replacement Procedure with Prompted Memory Reset, easy to use
  • Graphic Instruction for battery positioning and testing helps to locate the battery and perform the test quickly


The FIRST Smart Touchscreen Automotive Battery Analyzer with All System Diagnostics!

  1. All System Diagnostics

More than a battery tester, the BT1 also is a car diagnostic tool that offers technicians the ability to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes in all available systems as well as check ECU information, live data and freeze frame data.

  1. Expansive vehicle coverage

BT1 Automotive diagnostic tool covers 98% of the US, European, and Asian vehicle makes in the market.

  1. Auto VIN/ Scan

BT1 auto diagnostic scan tool comes with the latest VIN-based Auto VIN and Auto Scan features to perform a comprehensive scan of all the ECUs in the vehicle to detect faults and retrieve DTCs.

BT1 Car Battery Tester with Printer

OTOFIX BT1 battery tester has a data review function that enables technicians to review the data recorded and print out the diagnostic report instantly with the built-in thermal printer for further analysis, also sharing reports by email is supported.

BT1 Perfect Match with Multimeter

Connect the multimeter to the OTOFIX BT1 battery tester and access its application directly from the home screen to perform AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, and resistance measurements, and diode, and connectivity tests. The test results will be displayed in numbers or graphs.

More Advantages than traditional battery testers

  • Improve service effectiveness with its 5.5-inch color LCD screen
  • Offers simple navigation
  • Life-Time Free Update & Remote Desk

BT1 Supported Battery Types

Battery Ratings:


Battery Types:

  • Test Flooded, AGM, AGM_Spiral, EFB and GEL Batteries
  • Test 6- and 12-volt Batteries: 100 - 3000 CCA
  • Test 12- and 24-volt Cranking/Charging Systems

BT1 Battery Tester Specs:

Dimensions (WxHxD): 7.91 x 3.54 x 1.18
Operating System: Android 9
Screen Display: 5.5" LCD Touch Screen w/ 720*1280 Resolution
Storage: 32GB
Connectivity: Wi-Fi (802.1.1 a/b/g/n/ac) / USB 2.0 Type-C / BT5.0+EDR
Camera: 8MP
Input Voltage: 5V DC
Working Current: < 450 mA at 7.7 V DC
Internal Battery: 7.7V, 3000 mAh
CCA Range: 100 to 3000 A
Voltage Range: 1.5 to 36 V
Working Temperature: 32°-122° F
Storage Temperature: 14°-140° F
Weight: 1.12 lb

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